The Designer, Megan Tower


I love seeing what different people with different backgrounds come up with as solutions to design problems. I love that every day as a designer is completely different; you'll never have the same day twice. I like all the nit-picky little details: this color is just a touch off, this padding is two pixels different than the others, etc, etc. I love the moment when everything just clicks and the idea you've been waiting for comes out of absolutely nowhere. I love being a designer. I love everything about it.

My name is Megan Tower (if you hadn't figured that out by now) and I'm an enthusiastic designer living Grand Rapids, MI. I'm currently looking for full time employment, but I am also up for taking contract and freelance work as well. Need something creative? Hit me up.

Oh, you want to get to know a little bit more about me? Here ya go!

  • · Favorite Time of Day: Early morning
  • · Favorite Word: Extemporaneous, copacetic
  • · Favorite Toast Topping: Peanut Butter (on burnt toast)
  • · Favorite Old School Song: "Grease" Frankie Valli
  • · Favorite 21st Century Decade: 1920s
  • · Favorite Letter, Typography Wise: G, Q
  • · Favorite Internet Abbreviation: HDU (How Dare You)
  • · Favorite Constellation: Cassiopeia